Chlorella Industry Co., LTD. is an R&D company that aims for “Health and Happiness for Humankind”.

It has been 50 years since we were founded as the world-leading manufacturer specializing in chlorella. We will never stop to pursue our goals. Under the phrase “Stay True Chlorella Spirit” that reflects the state of chlorella being the source of many other lives (being at the beginning of the food chain), we aim to become a company that can contribute to whole society similarly.

CEO Eiichiro Itanami

Chlorella activity, Advantage, future cell division twice as fast compared to other living organisms (by 4 divisions), we will speedily work to match the current needs. Through R&D that challenges further possibility of chlorella, and through safe and reliable supply through the domestic integrated system, we will continue to make every effort to achieve “Health and Happiness for Humankind”.

Eiichiro Itanami