How to make Chlorella

Based on the HACCP method, only the chlorella that passes inspections for process management/quality management/production management under our strict corporate standards within all processes including flask culture to commercialization, will be commercialized as the “CHIKUGO” brand.

  • Sakaguchi Flask culture

    Sakaguchi Flask culture

    The first stage in preliminary culture for stability maintaining and supplying chlorella. Chlorella is transferred to a liquid medium in a shake flask to undergo culture by continual mechanical shaking.

  • Small jar fermenter culture

    Small jar fermenter culture

    The second stage in preliminary culture. Chlorella is transferred to a small jar fermenter for culture. A healthy and fresh state is maintained to prepare for seed culture in a large jar fermenter.

  • Seeds culture

    Seeds culture

    Culture takes place in a large jar fermenter under temperature and pH control, to continually produce high-quality seeds for outdoors culture.

  • Outdoor manufacturing culture

    Outdoor manufacturing culture

    The seeds are transferred to the shallow outdoors manufacturing pools to enrich the cellular contents of seeds by letting them absorb plenty of sunlight. It is harvested at the highest state of cell activity to be transferred to the commercialization process.

  • Wash & Consentration

    Wash & Consentration

    The culture medium is centrifuged, chlorella cells are washed repeatedly with water, which are then dehydrated. The harvested cells are turned into a concentrated suspension.

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

    The chlorella concentrate is passed through a plate heater for heat sterilization treatment.

  • Drying


    Chlorella is instantly spray-dried by a spray drier to produce dry, fine particles of chlorella powder.

  • Quality inspection

    Quality inspection

    In addition to the process management up to commercialization based on the HACCP method*, a final inspection is carried out under strict cooperate standards by the quality management division.

  • Shipping


    Only chlorella that passes the final inspection is shipped as products.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP; a method of hazard analysis/critical control point system for foods) is a hygienic management system developed by NASA for manufacturing space food. Important factors in food processing that may impose health hazards are predicted and analyzed. Management methods are determined based on scientific evidence, and safety is ensured by recording the managed contents