Possibility of Chlorella

To match the needs of the world today,
R&D and its applications have widened,
and we are working on R&D continuously.

Chlorella Industry Co., LTD. has reported over 680 study results (328 research articles, 355 conference presentations) to date (as of June 1, 2014). These studies have led the field of modern chlorella research, and can be seen as the history of having proven the potential of chlorella. As of April 1, 2018, 13 people graduated with doctorate degrees in medicine, pharmaceutical science, agriculture, or philosophy under the supervision of our corporate research staff and educational staff from universities or research institutes. However, we believe that there are much more that have not yet been discovered about chlorella; we therefore continue to work on R&D.
R&D and fields of application have widened to meet the needs of the times; studies that contribute to solving health problems in modern times such as on biological defense, cell activation, detox, anti-oxidative effect, or on its ability to replace green and yellow vegetables are simultaneously ongoing in more than 10 fields.

  • People

    Chlorella in the form of health foods, medical drugs, and quasi-drugs support healthy and fulfilling lives of people.

  • Agriculture

    Soil conditioners and foliar sprays containing chlorella as an organic fertilizer support agriculture.

  • Fisheries industry

    It supports the world’s aquafarming and cultural fishery as feed for fry rearing.

  • Processed food

    It supports various processed food products as colorants and other food additives for quality improvement and taste enhancement purposes.